Learning Pathways In Organic Chemistry

Textbooks are filled with guides, flow-charts, approaches, patterns, pathways, etc that will lead to the correct answer if followed by the learner. Unfortunately, many learners fail to accumulate this knowledge at the appropriate time in the learning process. Online exercises that require students to use these learning pathways have been developed by Chem21Labs for both General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

Two import concepts in the Organic Chemistry curriculum that lend themselves to "Learning Pathways" are stereochemistry and synthesis. In the Stereochemistry Learning Pathway, students must assign R / S to stereogenic centers and determine the stereochemical relationship between two structures. During the use of this interactive, Flash-based program, students can rotate structures to see if they are mirror images or identical.

The Synthesis Learning Pathway is a database driven process where organic reactions are selected in the order needed to accomplish a particular synthesis. Since several possible answers may exist for a single synthesis problem, a special problem type has been developed where multiple correct answers are possible.