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  • Dr. Derek Behmke - Georgia Gwinnett College

    "Chem21Labs provides a robust, fair, and efficient means of assessing student lab work. The system allows instructors to provide students with the constructive, immediate feedback they desire without compromising laboratory instruction."

  • Dr. Edith Kippenhan - University of Toledo

    ". . my students benefit from the consistent grading of calculations and essays. At UT, one TA grades the responses of all students to a single question.
    . . . the essay grading feature that accomodates up to 10 pre-written instructor comments which are entered' by the grader by clicking the comment's button ensures that each student will receive consistent feedback on written responses. This feature saves the TA a lot of time (and typing).
    . . . the ‘permanent’ online record that remains from online lab submission assists me in ‘training’ my TAs to become better graders."

  • Dr. Steven Swann - Auburn University

    "Chem21Labs has drastically improved the consistency of the grading of reports by having uniform, objective scoring criteria . . . my students display better problem solving skills on the lab final because of the instantaneous feedback they received throughout the term."

  • Dr. Verrill Norwood - Cleveland State Community College

    "Chem21Labs gives the lab coordinator the ability to manage the grading of all lab sections even when they are staffed by a combination of full- and part-time instructors."

  • Dr. Peter Padolik - University of Cincinnati

    ". . . when the students submit a calculated value onto the Chem21Labs report sheet, they get instant feedback on whether they are performing the calculation correctly, so that they can learn from their errors in a timely fashion."

  • Matthew Lawson (TA) - Lee University

    “. . . as a student that used Chem21Labs and now as a TA, I like the fact that the chemistry lab experience is being enriched with 21st Century technology . . . students can easily upload digitally-collected lab data to Chem21 . . . later, they can work up the data from their own computer and receive immediate feedback on graphed values like slope, y-intercept, R2, pH, pKa, and volume of acid or base at the equivalence point . . .”