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When additional information is needed by the student to complete their lab assignment, it can be presented in the following ways:

  1. Directly on the webpage as part of the lab's HTML - ancillary information that is specific to the lab being completed can be placed directly on the lab webpage. Important directions / clarifications appear as text that may be enlarged, bolded and colored to stand out to the user. In addition, information contained in tables, images, webpages, videos, and animations can be embedded in the webpage.
  2. Under a More Information link on the webpage - to save space and eliminate clutter on a webpage, the items mentioned above (tables, images, webpages, videos, and animations) can be "hidden" under a More Information link. Click this link below to "reveal" an animation of light transmittance through a colored solution in a cuvette.

    Light Transmittance

    In the interactive animation, the  red light  (incident beam) is shining on a  green solution . Initially, 100% of the red light is absorbed by a substance in the cuvette. This means that OYGBIV is transmitted through the solution making the solution appear  green . Click/drag the "Drag" slider to see the intensity of the light as the percent transmittance changes. To alter the incident beam and solution color, click on the various light colors (upper left). For More Information, click the color wheel (upper right).

    Click the Hide Information link below to collapse this section.

  3. Under the Reference Materials link - located at the top of every Chem21Labs webpage, this link displays information that is commonly used to complete labs and homework assignments.
Reference Materials used to complete homework assignments and lab submissions.