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Submitting Essay Answers

Students compose written answers in the HTML editor embedded in the lab report webpage.

The HTML editor used to compose essay answers.

The numbers in the image above correspond to the numbers in the list below to give additional information about the features students can employ while composing their answer.

  1. a word limit (i.e. 100) can be added to force succinct answers.
  2. text files (i.e. NotePad or files with .txt extensions) can be uploaded to the HTML editor. The Browse button opens the file structure on your computer. Once the file is selected, press the Load a TXT File button - the text will appear inside the HTML editor. Finally, click the Submit button in the side panel to save the text to the database.
  3. the editor provides a variety of formatting options (bold, italics, underline, lists (ordered and bulleted), text alignment, font color, subscript and superscript).
  4. the Ω button opens a table of special characters that allows students to more precisely express their essay answer.
  5. the Submit button saves the "finished" composition to the database. If a student forgets to click the Submit button and moves to another problem, an alert warns them that they will lose their unsaved work.
  6. the Edit Answer link allows the student to come back to this essay answer any time before the due date passes to make changes to their answer.

In addition, Chem21Labs saves every student essay submission for a particular essay question. Instructors can access these submissions by clicking a link called "View Submission History." Also, students can "load" a previously submitted answer if there was an internet glitch where they lost their current work.

Lab Instructors most commonly use the "essay type" as follows:

  • as a typical open-ended question
  • in conjuction with a graded response:

    If the pressure of a gas is increased in a constant-volume cylinder, what will be the effect on the temperature of the gas?
    Explain the correct answer.

    The answer to the first part is selected from a list: increase | decrease | remains the same. The student usually gets one try (graded immediately). The second part has the student explain the correct answer.
  • formal lab reports - students submit Introduction, Procedure, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References.