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Submitting Lab Calculations

Students enter their lab calculations according to YOUR preference as follows. . . .

  1. a single calculated answer is entered and graded
  2. several calculated answers (i.e. a calculation group) are entered and graded. Calculation groups are useful when there are multiple, simple calculations . . . .
    • the volume of titrant delivered for two or three trials
    • calculating 1/T values for several runs
    • converting time recorded in minutes:seconds to seconds

The customized lab submission webpages our Content Specialists create for you become YOUR Virtual TA - a "Guide by the Side" for your students. YOUR Virtual TA opens the next entry in the lab report, awards credit (full or partial) on each Try, and gives Immediate Feedback on incorrect answers.

The image below shows lab calculations that are entered one at a time. Note the following . . . .

a. the side navigational panel opens the next step (Next Problem), grades the student's entry (Submit), and indicates the number of Tries, points and tolerance. This panel can be "hidden" to provide more space for phone submission. Also, a "More Information" expandable link contains helpful submission information.
b. students receive immediate feedback on their entries. Initially this is in the form of correct / incorrect, but "hints" can be added by the Instructor to point students in the right direction on a calculation.
c. the Virtual TA stops the student at incorrect answers and requires a 2nd and/or 3rd submission. Since subsequent calculations depend on previous ones, calculations must be performed in the order YOU prescribe.
d. calculations missed three times are awarded 0 points. The correct answer is entered on the lab report page AND the formula (with the student's numbers) is displayed in the side navigational panel.