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Refractometer Tutorial

The Refractometer Tutorial is an interactive animation that previews the use of the Bausch & Lomb Abbe Refractometer. Nine "procedure" steps are introduced to cover the operation, use and cleaning of the instrument. Chem21Labs animations provide a safe environment for learning . . . . students receive "full credit" when they complete the animation correctly - it does not matter how many times they miss part of it and have to start over. This animation can be assigned as a pre-lab activity to prepare students for the lab and again as a post-lab activity to reinforce the lab learning objectives.

  • The student will learn the operating procedure for the Bausch & Lomb Abbe Refractometer.
    1. Applying the sample.
    2. Adjusting the background field.
    3. Adjusting the light and compensator dial to sharpen the light/dark interface.
    4. Reading the refractive index.
  • The student will learn the proper way to clean the prism and leave the refractometer ready for the next student.
  • The student will order a mixed up list of operating, reading and cleaning steps.
  • The student will perform a "virtual" reading by clicking/rotating the hand wheel to move the background inside the eyepiece.
  • The student will read a number of "virtual" refractive indices and records their reading. The number of readings (1-5) is set by the Instructor - two readings are required in the animation below to get to the Tutorial Complete screen.
  • If the student mis-reads the refractive index, they must restart the tutorial.
  • The students will receive "full credit" by completing the animation correctly - it does not matter how many times the animation is restarted.
  • The HTML5 animation is "touch-enabled."