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Unique End-of-Lab Problems

Post-lab problems can be "unique" to the user by using . . . .

  • student numbers (lab data and calculations) stored in the database - any number shown on a student's webpage can be used in a post-lab problem. Use your creativity to challenge students in ways not possible in the paper environment.

    You reported a value of 0.0811 for R using the pressureCO2, volumeCO2, temperatureCO2 and massNaHCO3 collected in lab . . . . what mass of NaHCO3 would you need to start with for your experimental R to be 0.08205 if the water vapor pressure was 25.1 torr (assume all the other parameters are the same as reported in your data section)?

  • random numbers - the Chem21Labs program can include in the post-lab question one or more unique random numbers with a specific number of significant figures and within a specified range.