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Heat Capacity of a Styrofoam Calorimeter

The transfer of Heat between two substances is measured in a calorimeter. Generally, the calorimeter's Heat Capacity is determined in an initial experiment so that this value becomes a component in the overall equation . . . . Heat Gained = - Heat Lost

  • Click the Procedure arrow and follow the directions.
  • The Lab Report provides a place to record lab data and to enter the final calculations.
  • If any of the calculations are incorrect, the correct answer(s) will be displayed for you.
  • If all three calculations are correct, a Lab Complete message appears.
  • If required by your instructor, take a screenshot of the completed lab showing the Lab Complete message :
    • Open the Snipping Tool (click on the Start button and type Snip & Sketch in the search box). For MAC OS press Command-Shift-F4 (screenshot) or use the Grab feature located in Applications → Utilities folder.
    • For the Snip & Sketch, click the New button and click / drag a rectangle around the animation - don't include extra white space.
    • Print the 'snip' to give to your instructor, or save it to your computer and send it as an email attachment to your instructor.