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Qualitative Analysis Flowchart and Virtual Unknown

The Qualitative Analysis (Group I) Flowchart is an interactive animation that automatically grades a student's ability to create a flowchart of reactions and separation techniques from chemical facts and procedures listed in the lab guide. This assignment can be a . . .

  1. pre-lab activity to prepare students for the lab
  2. lab quiz to assess student understanding of the lab
  3. post-lab activity to reinforce the lab learning objectives

The Qualitative Analysis (Group I) Virtual Unknown is an interactive animation where the virtual unknown is randomly chosen from the Group I cations (Ag+, Hg22+, Pb2+).

The Flash version of this interactive animation is shown below . . . . the updated HTML5-JS version is under construction.

Mouse over the  INSTRUCTIONS  button and the  CHEMICAL FACTS  button in the animations below for information on submitting your work.

Group I Flowchart
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Group I Virtual Unknown
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