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Embedding Content

To fully customize the online report sheet, Intructors can specify images, videos, another website or an interactive animation for the Chem21Labs content specialists to embed into the webpage. If you want to "conserve real estate" on a webpage, the object can be hidden and then accessed by clicking a link to expand/collapse a section of the webpage. Some examples are show below:


Embedding An Image

The visible spectrum image (click the More Information link below to expand the section that contains the image) was included in a lab report so that students could select the color that corresponds to a randomly-assigned frequency.


The Sodium metal + Water video is included so that students can "view" the chemical reaction without actually performing it. Students then write a balance chemical reaction for this reaction.


A website containing the color of indicators at various pHs can be linked to OR simply displayed inside the Chem21Labs lab report webpage. This information was provided so that students could determine which indicator would be the best indicator for detecting the equivalence point of the KHP / NaOH titration based on the student's own laboratory results - scroll about halfway down in the embedded Wikipedia website to the table containing the indicator colors at low and high pH.

Interactive Animation

The 1H NMR spectrum contains the chemical shifts of the various proton absorptions. The integration traces can be measured using the draggable ruler or the y value of the mouse coordinates. These values and the corresponding number of Hydrogens present in each absorption can be reported in the lab report and automatically graded.
Click Crtl+ to Zoom-in; click Crtl- to Zoom-out; click Ctrl0 to Zoom-100%.

Also note that the crosshair is directly under the cursor on non-touch pad devices - on touch-pad devices the cursor is offset so it is not directly under your finger. Try it on your phone to see this feature.