Chem21 has partnered with ACD/Labs (maker of ChemSketch) to create an online homework system that utilizes the powerful capabilities found in the free student version of ChemSketch. The student version is a robust 26 Mb download that is used to draw structures (with stereochemistry), generate IUPAC names and convert 2D structures into 3D structures that can be viewed and rotated. The generation of IUPAC names and the 3D capabilities of ChemSketch make it superior to drawing applets used in other homework systems. In addition, once students learn how to use ChemSketch, they will also have the ability to draw and import structures into papers and lab reports. Additionally, by having the drawing program external to the homework program, a new problem type called Unordered Text was created to ask questions like

Draw all the isomers of C6H14

Draw all the resonance structures of CH2=CH-CH=CH2-O -

The student uses ChemSketch to draw the answers, generate a name for each answer and paste the names into this problem type. The answers need not be entered in any certain order. This problem type develops Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) by requiring students to utilize a logical strategy to arrive at ALL the answers. These HOTS will be critical later in the course when students must identify which isomer gives rise to a particular NMR spectra.

Log in as a student to work Organic Chemistry assignments using ChemSketch. You will also see an assignment named ChemSketch Tutorial that is assigned to introduce students to this drawing program.